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Artist Statement

by Gabrielle Abbott

Flowers are sexual organs. Ovaries, eggs and sperm, all refer to botanical parts on a plant. Human sexuality is as beautiful and natural as a spring bloom. We can treat our own sensuality with the same respect and appreciation that we give to a bouquet of roses. This kind of self-love is revolutionary in the face of a culture that perpetuates misogyny and sexual oppression.

In European culture, flower painting was one of the few art forms that was historically acceptable for women to practice. The Yoniflowers are part of this lineage of botanical illustration. I’m curious about the sensual relationship between humans and flowers. Do you think a victorian housewife who painted orchids, would have known she was painting sexual organs in a state of arousal? Floral upholsteries and teacups get more interesting when seen from this perspective.

Vulva-Flower art has defined the careers of many artists such as Georgia-O’Keefe and Judy Chicago. The idea is very old. Yet, as long as there is misogyny in the world, there is a need for images which celebrate the divine feminine. In the Tantric tradition,“Yoni Gazing” (gazing upon a real or symbolic vulva) is a meditative practice that can lead to enlightenment. I invite you to keep that sentiment as you view the Pussyflowers. Whether or not you own a vulva, all of us were birthed by one and for that we own owe profound thanks.


mixed-media paintings: