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Yoniflowers is a feminist art project created by internationally acclaimed artist, Gabrielle Abbott.

Yoniflowers are imaginary flowers inspired by actual vulvas. Here you will find a range of art, products and Articles to promote self-love and sexual empowerment.

Gabrielle Abbott specializes in custom, Yoniflower Portraits designed honor the Divine Feminine within each woman.

 The goal of this project is eternal emancipation of women everywhere. 

— Sanskrit sacred word for vulva

“when I look at my Yoniflower painting, i feel  proud and beautiful.”

Gabrielle  |  Seattle, WA


commission a yoniflower portrait

Gabrielle is Accepting a limited amount of Yoniflower commissions in 2019. this is a opportunity to co-create an original flower based on your unique anatomy and personality. 


working with gabrielle to create a yoniflower portrait will teach you to love your body in a new way.


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Gabrielle Abbott began drawing Yoniflowers as a way to heal her relationship with her own vulva. What began as an intensely private project, grew to become a worldwide movement to empower the divine feminine.

“When other women saw my Yoniflower paintings, the reactions were powerful. Everyone has a story about their Yoni, and most of us seek healing. I knew the paintings had to be shared with a greater audience. But I was scared to go public.”

Then the events of November 2016 changed everything.


CElebrate your divine feminine self

create your personal Yoniflower

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