The Yoniflower calls for a revolution.

Women are not treated equally, their bodies are threatened, their sexuality oppressed and their power denied.  The Yoniflower project was conceived by Seattle artist Gabrielle Abbott as a way to encourage female empowerment and self-love.

I began drawing Yoniflowers as a way to overcome my own internalized misogyny, which caused me to grow up thinking my vulva was “weird" and “ugly.” The flowers were a small act of personal resistance (and healing) to wounds inflicted by a sexist culture.”

What began as a private series of watercolors, became A worldwide movement to empower the divine feminine.

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“When other women saw my Yoniflower paintings, the reactions were powerful. Everyone has a story about their Yoni, and most of us seek healing. I knew the paintings had to be shared with a greater audience, but was scared to go public. The 2017 Womxn’s March catalyzed me to overcome these fears. I could no longer stand the blatant sexism perpetuated by our political leaders and media, and was desperate to do something about it. The Pussyflower Posse marched proudly with the “Yoniflower Revolution” image screen-printed across our chests and picket signs. I have never looked back.”

Today Gabrielle leads “Paint Your Own Yoniflower” workshops and creates custom Yoniflower portraits upon request. The Yoniflower reminds us to respect organic female power, and make space for it to bloom.

In addition to creating Yoniflowers, Gabrielle Abbott is an award-winning muralist, painter and multi-media artist. Her murals and chalk drawings are commissioned by clients around the world, including the Hague City Government and Bellevue Art Museum. Gabrielle holds an MFA from University of the Arts London, and currently teaches fine arts at Antioch University, Seattle. For more information, please visit

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